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Case 17-011653  On March 23, 2017 at approximately 8:15 PM, a robbery occurred at the Aldi’s store located at 925 Easton Rd. in the Roslyn section of Abington Township. The lone black male suspect was described as approximately 5’7”–5’9”, 180-200 lbs., 30-40 yrs old with a full beard, wearing black Dickie style pants, a black…
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Thefts of Delivered Packages and Mail – Arrests

December 1, 2016 Case 16-049067 Throughout November 2016, Abington Police have received dozens of reports of mail being tampered with or stolen as well as delivered packages being stolen. The thefts seem to be concentrated in the Rydal and Meadowbrook neighborhoods of Abington Township where the homes have street side mailboxes. In some cases, mail…
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