Auxiliary Police Application

“Volunteers Serving with Pride and Dignity”

Be part of a proud volunteer organization founded over 70 years ago, support the Abington Police Department, and serve the community that is one of the 100 best US communities to live in! Police volunteers who dedicate hundreds of hours toward supporting the Abington Township Police Department. Since its formation in the mid 1940’s, the organization has assisted the Police Department with traffic and crowd control at fires, auto accidents, parades, community events and other emergencies.  Though not armed, they are authorized to use police band radio communications equipment, and police vehicles when appropriate.

Our Mission: The mission of the Abington Township Auxiliary Police is to maintain a continuous commitment to upholding the highest standards of professionalism in volunteer public service and to assist the Abington Township Police Department when such assistance is deemed advisable; with the purpose to augment, not replace, the Abington Township Police.


    Has your Drivers License ever been suspended? YESNO If yes please explain:(required)

    Have you ever been arrested, convicted of, or cited for an offense other than traffic? YESNO If yes, please explain (required)

    U.S. Armed Forces Service: YESNO
    To (mm/yyyy):

    Are you physically able, without accommodation, to perform all the essential functions of an Auxiliary Police Officer? YESNO If no, please explain: (required)