Register for the “Take Me Home” Program

Take Me Home Program

The Abington Township Police Department is proud to introduce the “Take Me Home” program for families of individuals who may not be able to communicate with a law enforcement officer because of various physical and/or cognitive conditions (i.e., Autism, Alzheimer’s, Down Syndrome, etc.).

Many of us at Abington Township Police Department have experienced these challenges firsthand with our own loved ones, and we know how critical it is for law enforcement officers to have immediate access to personal background information during an emergency.  Time is of the essence, and this background information will help our officers to make informed decisions on how to peacefully intervene to avoid those actions that will likely trigger fear, anxiety, or even a violent response.

Please take a moment to register your loved one today, so you can help us help them.  Once registered, officers can search a secure database for information specific to the person to include physical description, photographs, medical conditions, home address, and a list of persons to contact in the event of an emergency. To register for Take Me Home click here.  For additional information, please contact Officer Alison Delaney at 267-536-1080 , or Officer Andy Gibbs 267-536-1097