Units and Organization

The Abington Police Department is organized into four major divisions, each commanded by a Lieutenant.

Patrol Division: responsible for uniformed and plainclothes patrol duties, bicycle patrol, traffic enforcement, accident investigation, emergency response, K-9, SWAT Team, and crisis negotiation.

Detective Division: responsible for criminal investigations, forensics, drug investigations, intelligence, evidence management, applicant background checks, and juvenile crime investigations.

Community Policing Division: responsible for crime prevention, youth-oriented, and community-based initiatives, Traffic Safety Unit, D.A.R.E., Youth Aid Panel, Police Athletic League, linkage with community groups.

Administrative Division: responsible for budgeting, personnel, data processing, facilities management, purchasing, statistics, communications.

APD Command Staff:

Chief Patrick Molloy
Phone: 267-536-1061
E-mail: pmolloy@abingtonpa.gov

Deputy Chief Christopher Porter, Division Commander, Administration
Phone: 267-536-1062
E-mail: cporter@abingtonpa.gov

Deputy Chief Edward Quinn, Division Commander, Patrol
Phone: 267-536-1071
E-mail: equinn@abingtonpa.gov

Lt. Steven Fink, Division Commander, Detectives
Phone: 267-536-1113
E-mail: sfink@abingtonpa.gov

Lt. Kevin Magee, Division Commander, Community Policing
Phone: 267-536-1069
E-mail: kmagee@abingtonpa.gov

Lt. Drew Kent, A Platoon Commander
Phone: 267-536-1104
E-mail: dkent@abingtonpa.gov

Lt. Joseph Blei, B Platoon Commander
Phone: 267-536-1070
E-mail: jblei@abingtonpa.gov

Lt. Shawn Williams, C and D Platoon Watch Commander
Phone: 267-536-1094
E-mail: swilliams@abingtonpa.gov

APD Officers:

Sgt. Joseph Blythe
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1240
E-mail: jblythe@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. Jennifer Doyle
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1241
E-mail: jdoyle@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt.  Ryan Duntzee
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1246
E-mail: rduntzee@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. Roger Gillispie, Community Policing Division
Phone: 267-536-1077
E-mail: rgillispie@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. Troy Hummel
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1267
E-mail: thummel@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Jeffery Anderson
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1102
E-mail: janderson@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Andrew Ammaturo
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1277
E-mail: aammaturo1@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Alisha Armstrong
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1259
E-mail: aarmstrong@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. LeVar Baxter
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1262
E-mail: lbaxter@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Nico Belardo
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1288
E-mail: nbelardo@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Ryan Brown
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1278
E-mail: rbrown@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Daniel Bullock
Phone: 267-536-1000 Ext. 1107
E-mail: dbullock@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Daniel Burgmann
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1294
E-mail: dburgmann@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Eliana Carino
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext.1275
E-mail: ecarino@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Elizabeth Cartwright
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext.1110
E-mail: ecartwright@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Timothy Connelly
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1272
E-mail: tconnelly@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Patrick Corbett
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1270
E-mail: pcorbett@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Michael Coughlin, Traffic Safety Officer
Phone: 267-536-1176
E-mail: mcoughlin@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Christine DaCunha
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1296
E-mail: cworrell@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Robert Davis
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1109
E-mail: rdavis@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Adrian DeAngelo
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1287
E-mail: adeangelo@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Alison Delaney
Phone: 267-536-1080
E-mail: adelaney@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Raymond De Los Santos, K9
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1297
E-mail: rdelossantos@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Scott Dinsmore
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1252
E-mail: sdinsmore@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. James Dwyer
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1245
E-mail: jdwyer@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Michael Farley
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1258
E-mail: mfarley@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Matthew Farris
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1264
E-mail: mfarris@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. James Ficzko
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1266
E-mail: jficzko@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Al Freed, Traffic Safety Manager
Phone: 267-536-1078
E-mail: afreed@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Matthew Fulginiti
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1269
E-mail: mfulginiti@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Sean Gargan
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1250
E-mail: sgargan@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Phil Geliebter
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1112
E-mail: pgeliebter@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. D. Andrew Gibbs
Phone: 267-536-1097
E-mail: agibbs@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Michael Guidera
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1228
E-mail: mguidera@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Ryan Hasara
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1291
E-mail: rhasara@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Nordia Henry
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1242
E-mail: nhenry@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Jakob Henze
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1239
E-mail: jhenze@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Robert Hill, Jr.
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1101
E-mail: rhill@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Aaron Houston
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1293
E-mail: ahouston@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. Shane LaRosa
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1236
E-mail: slarosa@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. Troy Senne
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1243
E-mail: tsenne@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. Anthony Space
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1238
E-mail: aspace@abingtonpa.gov

Staff  Sgt. Greg Urban
Phone: 267-536-1100 Ext. 1095
E-mail: gurban@abingtonpa.gov

Sgt. David Wiley
Phone: 267-536-1000 ext. 1268
E-mail: dwiley@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Ed Howley
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1255
E-mail: ehowley@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Barry Jerome
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1248
E-mail: bjerome@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Jordon Jones, SRO Abington Senior High School
Phone: 267-536-1074
E-mail: jjones@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Michael Jones, Jr., K9
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1285
E-mail: mjones@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. John Landes
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1254
E-mail: jlandes@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Donald Lindenmuth
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1103
E-mail: dlindenmuth@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Gary Martinez
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1263
E-mail: gmartinez@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Joseph Marrero, SRO Abington Junior High School
Phone: 267-536-1298
E-mail: jmarrero@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Michael McCollough
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1249
E-mail: mmccollough@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Adrian McMenamin
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1281
E-mail: amcmenamin@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Charles Nicholas, Jr.
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1286
E-mail: cnicholas@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Thomas Nyman
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1260
E-mail: tnyman@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Richard Ottenbreit
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1256
E-mail: rottenbreit@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Christopher Petras
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1289
E-mail: cpetras@abingtonpa.gov

Det. Cynthia Pettinato
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1098
E-mail: cpettinato@abingtonpa.gov

Det. James Pfau
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1108
E-mail: jpfau@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. William Plymouth
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1261
E-mail: wplymouth@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Chris Posey, Traffic Safety Unit
E-mail: cposey@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Daniel Prior
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1280
E-mail: dprior@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Michael Roberts
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1295
E-mail: mroberts@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. B. George Rucker
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1284
E-mail: brucker@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. E. Andrew Saurman
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1276
E-mail: dsaurman@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. S. Scott Scholl
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1251
E-mail: sscholl@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Robert Steck
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1283
E-mail: rsteck@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. James Taormina
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1253
E-mail: jtaormina@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Raymond Townsend
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1273
E-mail: rtownsend@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Nathan Walters
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext.
E-mail: nwalters@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Paul Welsh
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1274
E-mail: pwelsh@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Robert Wilsbach
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1257
E-mail: rwilsbach@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Kenneth Witter
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1292
E-mail: kwitter@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Dustin Wittmer
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1265
E-mail: dwittmer@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Lee Yochum
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1290
E-mail: lyochum@abingtonpa.gov

Ofc. Zack Zeoli
Phone: 267-536-1100 ext. 1275
E-mail: zzeoli@abingtonpa.gov

Public Safety Support Services

Emergency Management & Planning Unit (EMAP): EMAP’s mission is the development and maintenance of a comprehensive plan to prepare for, respond to, and recover from all types of large scale emergencies that might occur within Abington Township. This is accomplished by coordinating various Township departments, volunteer units, regional partners, and other organizations that would have a role in any major incident.

Tom McAneney
EMAP Coordinator

Fire Marshal’s Office

The Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for investigating the cause and origin of all fires in the Township and serves as the coordinating office for the five volunteer fire companies serving our community. The Fire Marshal is also responsible for enforcing the Township’s Fire Prevention Code and all regulations governing the transportation, storage, and handling of hazardous materials.

John Roher
Fire Marshal