Red Light Cameras

Fellow Residents of Abington Township,

atpd_redlightcamerasProtecting our great community is the primary mission and the highest honor of the Abington Township Police Department. We are proud that Abington has been chosen three straight times by Money Magazine as “One of the 100 Best Places to Live in America” and “Safety” was a primary criterion in that selection.

But because of our low crime rate in Abington, the greatest risk of death, injury or financial loss to you and your family is actually not criminals and crime, but careless drivers and motor vehicle accidents. In fact, several intersections in our Township are not only the “most dangerous places in Abington” but also are very difficult places to do traditional enforcement and “violation prevention” because of the configuration of those intersections.

That’s why I am pleased to report that the State of Pennsylvania has chosen Abington as one of only 12 municipalities in the State (out of 2,562) to be authorized to implement Red Light Camera technology in order to make three of our most dangerous intersections safer.

Yes, we know that some Red Light Camera programs are controversial and appear to be more about generating income than ensuring safety. But Abington’s program is different, and generates no income for The Township.
Below you will learn how this program is structured in order to create an effective, safe, low-cost way to make “Abington’s most dangerous places” safer for all.

Please drive carefully and please support our never-ending efforts to keep our great community safe, and one of America’s best places to live!


Patrick Molloy
Chief of Police

Download Automated Red Light Enforcement Law
Download Ordinance No. 2049
Download Red Light Camera Amended Ordinance #2113
Download Red Light Photo Enforcement Brochure

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