Thefts of Delivered Packages and Mail – Arrests

December 1, 2016
Case 16-049067

Throughout November 2016, Abington Police have received dozens of reports of mail
being tampered with or stolen as well as delivered packages being stolen. The thefts
seem to be concentrated in the Rydal and Meadowbrook neighborhoods of Abington
Township where the homes have street side mailboxes. In some cases, mail that had
been left by the residents for pickup was taken and the envelopes were later found
opened and discarded on the ground and the checks that had been enclosed were stolen.
In other cases delivered mail was found to have been removed from the mailboxes and
tossed on the ground with the victims unaware if any of it was missing. Some delivered
packages had been stolen both from mailboxes and from doorsteps/front doors as the
delivery company tracking information verified deliveries but the victims never received
the package.

In response to these thefts, Abington Police initiated a special detail in the areas where
the thefts were occurring. At approximately 4:00 PM on November 30, 2016, an officer
on the detail observed a dark colored Subaru which was being operated in a suspicious
manner in the area of Wrack Road in Meadowbrook. The Officer followed the vehicle
and observed it pull into a driveway and then quickly exit. The Officer along with
backup units stopped the vehicle. The occupants were a 16 year old female from
Glenside, two 17 year old males from Roslyn, a 17 year old male from Abington and his
14 year old brother who lives in Jenkintown. The 14 year old male and the 16 year old
female did not appear to be involved in the thefts and it does not appear that they will be
charged. The other three admitted to committing the thefts not only yesterday but also
earlier in the week and several other times throughout November and possibly even
earlier. Most of the stolen items were thrown away but what was taken on November
30, 2016 was recovered and returned to the victims. The three will be petitioned to
Montgomery County Juvenile Court and the investigation is continuing.
Approved for Release by:
Deputy Chief John A. Livingood