Will the use of Radar be Approved in Pennsylvania?


Did you know that Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation that does not allow municipal police officers to use radar to calculate the speed of drivers?

Currently, the ability to calculate and enforce the PA Vehicle Code’s speeding in local municipalities is archaic, requiring officers to use painted lines on the roadway, stop watches, and calculations to determine the speed of motorists.  The use of radar technology would not only give officers more flexibility to monitor and identify excessive speeders, it could enhance public safety and improve the quality of life for our residents. Traffic Safety remains a top priority for the Abington Township Police Department, and speeding has consistently been the number one complaint from our residents and elected officials.

We understand that many in our community and the general public are concerned that the use of radar technology by local officers will result in “excessive enforcement”, and as members of the community ourselves, we are sensitive to that concern.  As your Chief, I assure you that our officers will use this technology responsibly in an effort to more efficiently and effectively identify those traveling at excessive speeds throughout our Township. Abington Officers routinely use their discretion in an effort to be fair and reasonable when conducting speed enforcement activities, knowing that our goal is simply to change behavior and reduce the number of accidents with injuries throughout our Township. Officers on patrol witness aggressive driving, tailgating, and excessive speeding, but oftentimes they do not have the ability to “clock” or otherwise accurately calculate speed.

Contact your local State Representative to help us with this!