Hostage Negotiations Training

Hostage Negotiations Training

Hosted by the Abington Police C.N.U.
Presented by the Police Chief’s Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania

July 12 – 16, 2010

Seminar Overview
Philadelphia Police Department instructors are conducting a forty (40) hour Hostage Negotiations Class. The objectives of the class include; techniques for supervising and managing teams, managing hostage scenes, managing the threatening situations faced today, dealing with the stress and anxiety of hostage situations, communications and negotiations skill, dealing with impaired individuals and techniques that apply in the institutional environment, with Middle Eastern cultures and with terrorist sects.

Seminar Date: July 12 – 16, 2010
Registration Fee: $75 Please bring fee the first day of class
Registration Deadline: No registration deadline has been set. Please register as soon as possible.

APD Point of Contact:
APD Training Director, Bob Sands,

Training Location:
Abington Township Public Safety Training Center, 2200 Florey Lane, next to the Public Works Area
Course Time: 0800 hrs to 1630 hrs
Registration starts at 0730 hours

Student Equipment/Dress:
No equipment, business casual attire

Registration Form (PDF file)