Suspicious Incident Highland Elementary School

On Tuesday, December 4, 2018, at 8:10 PM, a nine year old boy reported to the Abington Police an incident that happened earlier in the day. The boy reported that at 4:15 PM, he was riding his bike on the basketball courts in the rear of Highland Elementary School, when a vehicle pulled into the school parking lot. The boy described the vehicle as a blue Dodge Charger with race car stickers on the hood and the side doors. The passenger side had flames running down the side, and the driver’s side had black and white checkered flags on it. The hood had a large sticker with the numbers “1-2-3”. The boy reported that a white male, possibly in his 40’s, wearing a camouflage jacket with a black hooded sweatshirt pulled over his head stepped half way out of his car.  The male then yelled at the boy to “Get in my car, now!”. The boy said no, and rode away from this male.

Abington Police have been diligently investigating this incident. Abington School District has been supportive of detectives as they gathered details throughout the day today. Police are attempting to locate the male and/ or vehicle involved in order to investigate this further. If anyone has information or may have witnessed this event, please contact Abington Police at 267-620-1401 (Main number), or the assigned investigator, Detective Lisa Burton at (267)536-1108 or

As always, the best defense in these situations is to educate your children before an incident happens. If approached by someone you do not know, do not engage in conversation. Do not get into a car with any stranger. Travel directly home or to another safe place and immediately tell a grown-up.