Step 2 – Job Description


Job Objective (Purpose of the Position):

Patrols Municipality to detect and deter crime, provide security, and enforce laws, Pennsylvania crime and vehicle codes, and Township/Borough ordinances.

Essential Job Functions (Functions essential to attaining the job objective):

  • Patrols assigned area; drives patrol vehicle or walks.
  • Observes patrolled area for suspicious, disorderly, or illegal activities, stolen vehicles, missing persons, and road hazards; reports road hazards to proper authority.
  • Furnishes proper information and/or assistance to anyone requesting or requiring same.
  • Communicates with dispatcher via PA radio; mediates domestic & neighborhood disputes; interviews witnesses, complainants, accused suspects; interacts with members of the business community and the public.
  • Responds to emergency dispatch calls.
  • Assists emergency personnel with moving subjects; removes accident victims to safety.
  • Administers first aid methods and procedures.
  • Investigates traffic accidents, public complaints, crime scenes, emergency situations; records facts; locates and preserves evidence.
  • Responds to physical attacks, applying force & physical restraint to dangerous animals or people; arrests and processes accused suspects; takes photo and fingerprints.
  • Operates specialized equipment to measure blood alcohol level (BAC), vehicle speed, and distance; secure evidence.
  • Operates firearms as necessary. Issues warrants and citations.
  • Compiles accident, arrest, criminal complaint, and preliminary investigation reports.
  • Attends meetings, mandatory training, and educational seminars.

Job Standards (Minimum qualifications needed to perform essential functions):

  • Read and interpret Pennsylvania vehicle codes and crime codes.
  • React calmly and think rationally in emergency situations. Communicate effectively. Understand and carry out complex instructions.
  • Recognize non-standard activities, missing items/people, hazards, and details.
  • Possess excellent eye-hand-foot coordination and physical stamina.
  • Sit; reach at all levels; handle vehicle controls, firearms, specialized equipment frequently.
  • Stand, walk, run, lift and carry up to 50 lbs; push a full sized automobile; pull up to 175 lbs.; swim where required by municipality; bend, crouch, kneel, climb, crawl, and perform fine manipulation occasionally.
  • Possess visual acuity (mid and far vision, depth perception, color vision, and field of vision continuously; near vision occasionally).
  • Withstand exposure to traffic hazards continuously; withstand exposure to weather, wet conditions, flooding conditions, high noise levels, hazardous materials, and personal danger occasionally.
  • Work alone and closely with others.

Job Location (Place[s] where work is performed):

  • Various locations within and outside the Municipality; Police Administration Building.

Equipment (Examples of machines, devices, tools, etc. used in job performance):

  • Patrol vehicles; handgun; shotgun, patrol rifle, soft body armor, portable radio, flashlight; handcuffs; baton; breath testing instruments; speed timing devices; flares; telephone; computer; paperwork; Pepper gas (O.C.); Tasers