Shooting Incident

Case 12-009110

On February 22, 2012 at approximately 9:30 PM John Razzi, age 57 of North Hills, Michael Razzi, age 48 of Horsham and Joseph Turco, age 44 of North Hills went to a business at 3009 Mt. Carmel Avenue, North Hills to confront the two men who run a business there about a debt. Michael Razzi had a bat or axe handle in his hands at the time and Turco had an electric stun device in his possession. Christopher Green, age 31 and John Green, age 36 are the two men who run the business there and they were at the rear of the fenced in property working on a vehicle. As soon as the trio arrived a physical confrontation took place between the two groups which included John Green getting struck with the axe handle. Christopher Green was armed with a handgun at the time for which he has a valid permit. He fired at least two shots with one of them striking Michael Razzi in the leg. During the struggle Turco employed the electric stun device on Christopher Green and John Green got possession of the gun and shot John Razzi in the leg.

Michael and John Razzi were transported to Abington Memorial Hospital (each was shot in the leg) and are currently being treated. John Green was also transported to AMH and was treated and released for arm and other injuries. The investigation will continue regarding any criminal charges in this case.

Approved for Release by:  Deputy Chief John A. Livingood