Robbery – Baederwood Park

December 28, 2016
Case 16-052525

At approximately 5:00 PM on December 27, 2016, an 18 year old male from Glenside (victim) met up with three other male acquaintances and the four decided to meet some girls near Highland Avenue. They took a shortcut through Baederwood Park, entering from the Charles Street side. The victim said as soon as they entered the park one of the males, a 15 year old from Roslyn (suspect #1), grabbed him and pulled him down to the ground. Another one of the males, also 15 years of age from Glenside (suspect #2), helped hold the victim down on the ground. Suspect #1 pulled a kitchen style knife out and pointed it at the victim’s face and threatened to “poke his eye out” if he moved. The two suspects stole the victim’s iPhone 7, Apple Watch and Louis Vuitton Belt before fleeing on foot. The fourth male tried to get the two suspects to stop the robbery and did not participate in it. This male stayed with the victim after the other two males fled.

Abington Police flooded the area and quickly located and arrested both suspects. All of the victim’s property was recovered but the knife was not located. There were no injuries. The Montgomery County District Attorney authorized direct filing against both suspects meaning they will be charged as adults even though they are juveniles. Both were charged with robbery with threat of serious injury, unlawful restraint, and related offenses. The 15 year old from Roslyn was listed as a missing person/runaway with Abington Police at the time of his arrest.


Approved for Release by: Deputy Chief John Livingood