Press Release for Confirmed Report of Shots Fired

In the early morning hours of September 23, 2018, Abington Township Police received several reports of gunshots.  While callers could not determine the precise location of these gunshots, it appeared that they were generally coming from the Ardsley, North Hills, Glenside and Roslyn sections of Abington Township. These reports were corroborated by witness accounts and the recovery of shell casings.  A suspect was identified and taken into custody by Cheltenham Township Police for a mental health warrant.  This male was located in Philadelphia and was in possession of a weapon consistent with the shell casings recovered in Abington Township.

Later in the day Abington Police identified another suspect, and he was taken into custody on an unrelated warrant.  This suspect was also in possession of a weapon consistent with the evidence located in Abington Township.  Abington Township Police are still investigating this incident and are awaiting results from ballistic tests prior to any charges being filed.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please contact Abington Township Police Detective Robert Hill, Jr. at 267-536-1101 or

 Approved for release:
Deputy Chief Kelley Warner