Press Release – Armed Robbery UPDATE

November 12, 2015
Case 15-25025
Armed Robbery – Update
Shortly after 7:00 AM on Sunday, June 28, 2015 two men robbed the CVS Pharmacy which is
located at 2622 Jenkintown Road in the North Hills Section of Abington Township at gunpoint.
The two men took the manager’s pocketbook and emptied out the contents. They then made
the manager empty the safe and they used her pocketbook to place the money in. They also
stole both employees’ cell phones before fleeing.
This robbery was very similar to others that occurred during this same time period throughout
the Delaware Valley Area. These cases were investigated by the FBI Violent Crimes Task Force
along with Abington Police and other involved police jurisdictions.
On October 15, 2015 David Murray, 32, and Terrell Lang 23, of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
were charged by indictment for their roles in the commission of two Hobbs Act robberies of
pharmacies in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The charges arise from the defendants’
June 28, 2015 robbery of over $7,000 from the CVS Pharmacy, located at 2622 Jenkintown
Avenue in Glenside, Pennsylvania, and David Murray’s September 15, 2015 robbery of over
$4,000 from the Walgreens Pharmacy located at 1 Yorktown Plaza in Elkins Park,
David Murray and Terrell Lang are expected to be charged in superseding indictments in
connection with other Hobbs Act robberies in the Delaware Valley.


Approved for Release by:
Deputy Chief John A. Livingood