Police Activity at Hillside Cemetery – UPDATE

Police Activity at Hillside Cemetery


The person of interest at Hillside Cemetery has been identified. He is a juvenile male. The Abington Township Police Department will continue to investigate this incident and work with all parties involved. There is no threat to the community.

Original Story

At approximately 4:54 PM the Abington Township Police Department received a report of a male wearing a burlap hood over his face sitting near a pond inside Hillside Cemetery. A couple of juveniles were also nearby and stated they were ‘spooked’ by the male and began to leave. The male was alleged to have an axe with him. Please be advised the male made NO Threats to the juveniles and they are safe. We believe we are familiar with this male and are searching for him now. Please know there is no immediate threat to the community at this time. If anyone has additional information regarding this incident please call 9-1-1.