Pedestrain Accident with Train

Press Release
Case 12-040737

At approximately 3:10 PM on September 12, 2012 a 16 year old Glenside boy was struck by a commuter train on SEPTA’S Warminster Regional Rail Line. The accident took place approximately 1,000 feet south of the Ardsley Train Station. Because of work being done on the rail system the normal outbound tracks were not being used and all trains going both directions were using the normally inbound tracks. The youth was walking north or in the same direction as outbound trains on what he apparently thought were the inbound only tracks. He was wearing head phones and apparently listening to music as he walked along the tracks. The train that struck him was outbound and approached him from behind. The engineer saw the youth and began to blow the horn. The youth continued to walk along, either not hearing the horn because of the headphones or hearing it but expecting the train to pass him safely on the outbound track. The engineer threw the emergency stop brakes and continued to blow the horn but was unable to stop the train before it struck the youth. Emergency personnel immediately responded and transported the youth to Abington Memorial Hospital where he is being treated for serious injuries. There were no other injuries and the cause of the accident appears to be accidental.