Peace Officers Memorial Day, Remembering Officer Thomas Mathews

Officer Thomas Mathews – EOW: Wednesday June 29, 1949.

The early morning hours of Wednesday, June 29th, 1949 were warm and clear as Officers Tom Mathews and Clark Cutting of the Abington Police Department patrolled beat #4 in the township’s upscale Rydal section. At 1:18 A.M. the two young policemen turned onto quiet Dixon Lane. Officer Mathews, a four-year veteran of the force, noticed that outdoor floodlights were on at one of the large homes up ahead on Barrowdale Road. “There are lights in Koenig’s, we had better drive in,” he said to his partner. As the officer pulled onto the property, they saw Mr. Koenig signaling from a second story window. Click here to read more.