Late Night Occupied House Burglaries



Cases 16-025214, 16-025223, and others
June 17, 2016

At approximately 1:45 AM on June 17, 2016, a resident of the 300 block of Thorpe Road in the Jenkintown Section of Abington Township woke up and heard noises coming from the downstairs of her home. She thought it was her cats and she got up and yelled at them. She then investigated further and found a downstairs window which had been closed was now standing open with the window screen removed. She then called 9-1-1. Investigation revealed that someone had removed the screen and had opened the unlocked window in an attempt to enter the home. No entry to the home was actually gained and the intruder may have been scared off when the victim yelled at her cats.

Further investigation revealed that there had been an attempt to enter another home in the 300 block of Thorpe Road through a ground level window but it was thwarted by a security lock on the window frame.

There were also three completed burglaries of homes in the 1000 block of Huntingdon Road, Abington during the early morning hours of June 17, 2016. At approximately  5:00 AM a resident looked out her window and saw two subjects running to a parked car carrying a large, rectangular object which they placed in the trunk before driving off.

Three occupied homes in this neighborhood, which is approximately two miles away from Thorpe Road, had been burglarized. In all three cases entry was made through an unlocked ground level window and since the intruders remained on the lower levels of the homes, the residents were unaware that they had been burglarized. Stolen from the homes were video game systems, laptop computers, cameras, and other electronics.

Pocketbooks were dumped out but it appears that only the cash was taken and from one home a 55” TV was stolen which may be what the witness saw being loaded into the trunk of the car.

Abington Police are requesting anyone with information about these burglaries to contact them at 267-536-1100, select option #3. If an immediate response is required, always call 9-1-1.

Approved for Release by: Deputy Chief John A. Livingood