Joint Statement by Pastor Marshall Mitchell, Dr. Tamar Klaiman and Chief Patrick Molloy

On Sunday, February 2nd, Abington Township Police Chief Patrick Molloy, Abington School Board Director Dr. Tamar Klaiman, and Salem Baptist Church Pastor Marshall Mitchell met at Salem Baptist Church to discuss the events of the past two weeks. We feel the conversation was extremely productive. Dr. Klaiman reiterated her regret for her divisive and offensive comments made regarding law enforcement. Chief Molloy accepted her apology and looks forward to addressing the community’s concerns through productive conversations. Dr. Klaiman is grateful for the opportunity to learn more about Abington Township Police Department’s community policing initiatives.  We look forward to continuing these fruitful conversations and working together for the best interests of all Abington students and citizens. Pastor Mitchell has generously offered the resources and facilities of Salem Baptist Church to continue ongoing community education, partnerships, and discussion. Chief Molloy also wanted to acknowledge the guidance he received from Willow Grove N.A.A.C.P. President, Valerie Ward, who right from the beginning encouraged him to meet with Dr. Klaiman to bring our community together. While all parties appreciate the public’s interest in these issues and the overwhelming support for the Department, we feel it would be impossible to address all concerns during the February 4th school board meeting. Because we value your input, we ask that you consider sharing your comments and concerns with the School Board at or Chief Molloy at A community meeting will be held in the future at Salem Baptist Church to continue the conversation.

Pastor, Salem Baptist Church, Marshall Mitchell
Abington Police Chief, Patrick Malloy
Abington School Board Director, Dr. Tamar Klaiman