Involuntary Commitment

On May 3, 2018, as a result of an investigation, officers of the Abington Police Department assisted Montgomery County Emergency Services in taking a Township resident into custody for an involuntary mental health evaluation warrant.  This is the same individual recently observed walking through the Township with an AR-15 rifle.  This case illustrates the very complex nature of balancing an individual’s 2nd Amendment rights with our primary mission to protect and serve all of our citizens. This individual’s decision to exercise his rights does not, by itself, warrant an involuntary mental health evaluation.  However, additional information was received which warranted steps to be taken for his safety and the safety of our citizens.

As a result of the warrant issued by the Montgomery County Emergency Services, the AR-15 rifle has been secured and is currently in the possession of the Abington Township Police Department.

Approved for release by:
Patrick Molloy
Chief of Police