Help Protect Your Home!!!

The warmer weather provides criminals with an opportunity to enter your home through unlocked windows or doors.  Remember, window screens are not secure and caWindown be easily removed. While safety latches, which only allow the window to be opened five or six inches can be forced open, they are still a good deterrent and are much better than nothing. Also remember to lock your car and don’t leave valuables such as purses, wallets or electronics in plain view even if the car is locked. Finally before leaving for vacation consider the following:

Set Timers for your Interior Lights

Use Motion Light Sensors for your Exterior Lights

Never Allow Mail or Other Deliveries to be left on your Property

Arrange for a Trusted Friend or Relative to Check your Home

Abington Towsnhip Police Department also has an Away Home Notification form for residents to complete. To register click here.

Don’t be a crime victim!!

If you need additional information or would like a Home Security Survey, please contact Officer Roger Gillispie, Crime Prevention Coordinator, at 267-536-1077.