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Dog Walk and Watch Program

June 15, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Our Goal:  To let criminals know that dog walkers report suspicious activity!

What is a Dog Walk & Watch?

A crime awareness project sponsored by Joint Town Watch Council that enlists and encourages dog walkers throughout Abington Township to assist the Abington Township Police Department as “extra eyes and ears” in crime prevention.

 Why A Dog Walk & Watch?

There are hundreds of dog walkers throughout the Abington communities that walk their dogs at all times of the day, all the days of the week, and in all weather conditions.  Dog walkers are often preoccupied with texting, emailing, listening to music and making phone calls during their neighborhood walks, but can also be valuable observers in crime prevention.

 How Does a Dog Walk & Watch Work?

The project trains you how to effectively observe and report criminal activity as you are out and about walking your dog in your neighborhood.  As a trained Dog Walk & Watch observer you now become more aware and less hesitant to report suspicious activity.

 Did You Know?

  • 95% of police arrests are the direct result of a citizen’s phone call regarding a crime in progress or suspicious or unusual activity.

 What are Considered Suspicious and/or Unusual Activity?

  • Does an individual(s) appear to have a destination or are they just wondering the neighborhood.
  • Does an individual(s) seem to be in a hurry; is there a sense of urgency?
  • Is an adult or juvenile resisting the advances of another individual?
  • Is an individual(s) walking to the rear of a property, canvassing and/or demonstrating unusual mental or physical symptoms?
  • Is your gut feeling something is or might be wrong?
  • Is a vehicle parked in an unusual location?
  • Is there an occupied vehicle in an unusual location?
  • Is there an occupied vehicle that does not seem to belong?
  • Is there an unoccupied idling vehicle at any location?
  • Is there property in a vehicle (television, laptop, pillow cases, etc.)?
  • Is an individual(s) with no defined direction or seemingly reason walking amongst parked vehicles?
  • Is a vehicle traveling at an extremely low rate or high rate of speed in the neighborhood?
  • Is a vehicle driving at night with no headlights or does the driver seem to be intoxicated?
  • Is there an “apparent business transactions” being conducted from a vehicle?
  • Is there an individual(s) knocking on doors, claims to be in wrong location and asking for a nonexistent person(s)? Note:  A uniform and clipboard does not mean an individual(s) are who they appear to be!
  • Are solicitators canvassing in the neighborhood?

 When Should You Call 911!

  • Call anytime you believe a police response is required.. Remember you are not bothering us.. It is easier to prevent a crime then it is to solve a crime!
  • When you call 911.. Let the 911 operator ask the questions.. Remain calm and speak clearly.
  • Have the following information available..
  • Nature of the emergency and or call (what is going on, description of individual(s), are weapons involved, time of incident).
  • Where are you (Address, street name, landmarks, etc.).
  • Your information (name, phone number).
  • Are you available to speak with an Abington Police Officer.

 Dog Walk & Watch Safety Tips

  • When walking always carry your cell phone.
  • When walking at night always carry a flashlight.
  • When walking carry a note pad and pen.

Contact Dave Rondinelli at 267-536-1074 to register today!


June 15, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm