Don’t be a crime victim!

Don’t be a crime victim!  Keep your house and car securely locked!


Abington Police would like to remind residents of the importance of locking doors and windows, both in their homes and in their cars.  Over the last few weeks there have been several burglaries where thieves have entered though unlocked doors or windows, often grabbing laptops, pocketbooks, or other items left out in plain view.  Some of these burglaries occurred at night while the residents were sleeping and the victims didn’t even realize it until the next day when they discovered their property missing.  The most force that was required to enter the homes was to cut a window screen on a window that was left open/unlocked for ventilation.  Lock all doors and windows at all times whether you are home or not!

In addition there have been numerous thefts from unlocked vehicles.  Don’t leave anything of value in your car and if you have to, don’t leave the item of value in plain view.  Always lock your car doors even if you don’t leave items of value in the car as thieves will still rummage through an unlocked car looking for loose change, E-ZPass Transmitters, garage door openers (could provide access to your home), etc.  Some of these thefts have been linked directly to burglaries indicating that both occurred at the same time and were “crimes of opportunity”.  The thieves likely passed a number of locked cars/houses before they found the ones with the open door/windows.   By locking the doors to your home and vehicle you can help protect yourself and your family from these kinds of crimes.  For additional information on how you can better protect your family and your property please contact Abington Police Crime Prevention Officer Roger Gillispie at 267-536-1077 or

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Deputy Chief John A. Livingood