Dog Walk and Watch Class Coming in September


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What is the Abington Dog Walk & Watch Program?

The Abington Township Dog Walk & Watch Program is a crime awareness project sponsored by the Abington Joint Town Watch Council that enlists, educates, and encourages dog walkers through-out Abington Township to assist the Abington Township Police Department as “extra eyes and ears” in crime prevention.


How Does the Dog Walk & Watch Program Work?

The program is designed to educate you how to effectively observe and report criminal activity as you are out and about walking your dog in your neighborhood.  As a trained Dog Walk & Watch observer you will become more aware of activities occurring during your walk and less hesitant to report suspicious activity to the Abington Police Department.


How do you become a participant in Dog Walk & Watch?

Simply complete the Dog Walk & Watch Program application (Click Here) and return it to the address listed.  You will be contacted by the Abington Township Police Department, Community Policing Division to schedule you for a training class put on by our K9 Officer Jennifer Doyle.


Please remember…

  • Crime prevention begins with alert citizens who understand that “if it looks wrong, it probably is wrong”,

report it!

  • It is easier to prevent a crime then it is to solve a crime.



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