Crime Alert: Skimming Devices


On March 2, 2023, Abington Police recovered credit card skimming devices that had been installed on the ATM machines at the 7-11 stores at 362 Easton Rd. in Glenside and 2869 Limekiln Pk. in North Hills. These devices allow criminals to record the information from the magnetic strip on your debit card and subsequently create a duplicate card. The criminals also install a camera, which records when you enter your pin number (see below photo). Similar skimming devices were also found at other locations throughout Montgomery County. In the two Abington incidents, the skimmers were intercepted before the criminals were able to retrieve the data, so no victim information was compromised.

To protect yourself from becoming a victim of credit card skimming, it is recommended that you visually inspect the ATM for suspicious modifications prior to use, and cover up the key pad when entering your pin.