Child Pedestrian Struck and Killed

At approximately 8:55 PM on Wednesday, November 5, 2014 a nine year old female who lived in Willow Grove was struck by a car as she attempted to cross Rockwell Road in Abington. The child was with a caretaker. Both the caretaker and the child were crossing Rockwell Road to get into a parked car. The caretaker crossed first and the child followed. Preliminary investigation indicates that as the child stepped out from between two parked cars a vehicle traveling northbound towards Old Welsh Road struck the child. The sole occupant and operator of the striking vehicle was an 18 year old girl from Abington who was driving her father’s car. The striking car did not immediately stop. The driver continued to the Bottom Dollar Food Store parking lot on Davisville Road and Moreland Road. The driver called her mother, who drove to the scene and notified Officers on scene that her daughter was involved and where she could be located.

The nine year old child was transported to Abington Memorial Hospital where she was pronounced dead. The investigation into the child’s death is being conducted jointly by Abington Police and Montgomery County Detectives. The names of the victim and the driver are not being released at this time.
Approved for Release by:
Deputy Chief John A. Livingood