Chief Patrick Molloy and members of the Abington Township Police Department proudly support Detective Rob Davis, as he courageously tells his deeply personal story in the first of a three part series entitled, “Beneath the Vest: Conversations about Mental Health.”

Back on a bitter cold December night in 2008, one of Abington’s finest, Detective Rob Davis, courageously confronted an armed suspect during a domestic dispute.  As this suspect attempted to enter the residence and assault his estranged girlfriend, several shots were fired, and both the suspect and Detective Davis sustained bullet  wounds. Officers quickly treated Detective Davis and the suspect.  Because of these heroic actions, a tragedy was averted and lives were saved.

Detective Davis was rushed to Abington Memorial Hospital and treated for a gunshot wound.  Because of his dedication, commitment, and sheer mental toughness, Detective Davis was back to work within weeks, proudly protecting and serving the residents of Abington Township again.  It was not until several months later that he began to experience the emotional trauma of the scars that existed well beneath the surface.  Rob began to experience symptoms of what he later learned was post-traumatic stress disorder,  PTSD.  Listen to Detective Rob Davis in his own words, as he courageously shares his story with all of us, but most importantly, with those who are battling their way through this debilitating disorder.

Whether you experienced trauma in the military, emergency services or any other profession, Rob’s deeply personal story will help you better understand his struggles.  His words will inspire you to seek the proper professional help or encourage a loved one to get the support he or she may need.

On behalf of all the men and women of the Abington Township Police, I would like to commend Detective Davis for his courage and commitment. His message is one that, unfortunately, is not shared enough, as so many in the law enforcement and emergency services community suffer in silence.

Finally, a special thank you to OC87 Recovery Diaries Executive Director Bud Clayman, Director Glenn Holsten, and Michelle Monzo of Montgomery County Emergency Services for supporting Rob and so many others in our community who are battling PTSD.