Chief Molloy testified at Senate hearing

Chief Molloy testified at Senate hearing

Chief Patrick Molloy, Abington Township Police Chief and President of the Southeast Pennsylvania Police Chiefs Association, with Chief David Splain, President of the PA Chiefs Association, Chief Scott Bohn and Chief Michael Vogel were honored to testify on the challenges facing our law enforcement profession and those policies that continue to threaten the public safety and quality of life in the communities that they serve.

Various topics were discussed including the increase in violent crime among juveniles and adults, carjackings, bail reform, recidivism rates among violent offenders, crisis in police recruitment and retention, retail thefts, illegal ATV’s, failure to detain or hold violent juvenile offenders accountable, as well as the lack of resources for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorder, controversial policies of Philadelphia’s DA’s Office and overall officer wellness.

The Chiefs all expressed their gratitude to Senator Dan Laughlin, Majority Policy Chair, and the other senators serving on this committee. Chief Molloy stated, “We are hopeful that we can continue to have these honest conversations about what has contributed to the serious increase in juvenile crime and delinquency, and then, have the courage to speak out about the past failed policies that have put our communities at risk.”

In Abington, Chief Molloy, PAL President Richard Gaglianese, and Salem Baptist Pastor Marshall Mitchell are working to bring our communities together to develop new programs for Abington PAL. They have identified several factors impacting our young people, however the lack of adult male role models appears to be a predominant issue. Chief Molloy stated, “Pastor Mitchell and his congregation are so active and accomplished in the community, and once again they are stepping up and taking the lead to help us develop a PAL Mentorship Program!”