Chief Molloy Responds to White Pride and KKK Literature

On Tuesday evening September 11th, our Department was notified by a concerned citizen that flyers, promoting “White Pride” and the KKK had been left on his property.  It appears that this literature was delivered to a number of residents in the Roslyn section of our Township after dark, and understandably causing alarm.  At this point our Detective Division is investigating this incident.  While all of us know that such speech is protected under the 1st Amendment, the Abington Police Department strongly condemns this message and any speech that promotes the KKK, anti-Semitic rhetoric, or one race over the other.  As a community, we take pride in the work that we do to bring people of all  races, religions, sexual orientation and other backgrounds together, and we will continue to reject those on the fringe who seek to promote hatred and divide us.

What makes last night’s incident more troubling, is that this literature was delivered on the 17th anniversary of  9/11, a date that will forever commemorate the horrible attacks on our Nation.  On September 11th, 2001, over 3,000 individuals from all races and backgrounds were murdered TOGETHER, and we came together as citizens, as brothers and sisters independent of race, and as Americans to stand up against the cowardly acts of those who hated us because we are Americans.  As we did back then and will continue to do today, we will promote peace and unity and reject hatred and divide.

For questions or concerns regarding this matter please call 267-536-1100.