Burglary – Bryner Chevrolet, Inc.

Case 14-024900
Burglary – Bryner Chevrolet, Inc.

At approximately 7:55 PM on June 26, 2014, a man parked a green pickup truck in the lot of Bryner Chevrolet, 1750 The Fairway in the Jenkintown Section of Abington Township. The man then proceeded to pull on doors to the business until he located one that had been mistakenly left unlocked. The man entered the business; proceeded to make himself a cup of coffee and then went through several tool boxes selecting tools. He placed the tools outside of the building next to the door he entered through. He then got in his truck, picked up the tools, put them in the truck and left the area.

The truck is believed to be a Ford Ranger; green in color with a red and black bumper. There is a yellow discoloration on the rear tailgate and there was a lawnmower and other items in the truck bed. The suspect is described as a male in his 30’s, clean shaven with black hair cut very short. He was wearing a green T-shirt with plaid shorts and sneakers. The suspect and the truck are pictured below and on the following page. Abington Police are requesting anyone with information about the truck or anyone who knows the identity of the suspect to contact police at 267-536-1100 and select option #3. Callers do not have to leave their name and tips can also be emailed anonymously to our Web Page at www.abingtonpd.org.








Approved for Release by: Deputy Chief John A. Livingood