Burglary Arrest

March 27, 2013
Case 13-012328
Residential Burglary Arrest

At approximately 11:00 AM on March 27, 2013, a witness observed a man forcing his way into an unoccupied home in the 900 block of Douglass Avenue in the Elkins Park Section of Abington Township. Abington Officers responded and saw that the front door had been pried open. As the officers established a perimeter around the home, the suspect climbed out a back window. The suspect climbed over a fence and ran into the wooded property at the rear of Manor College. An Abington Officer also climbed the fence and chased the suspect. The suspect initially refused to stop or comply and kept reaching into his pocket, forcing the officer to arrest him at gunpoint.


Entry into the home had been made by prying the front door with a tire iron. There was ransacking in the bedrooms and the suspect had stacked laptop computers, jewelry, and other valuables by the front door. Arrested was Thomas Anthony DENNIS, Sr., age 36 of 42 Brookside Drive, Lansdale, PA. DENNIS is being detained at Abington PD awaiting arraignment.



Thomas Anthony DENNIS, Sr.

Approved for Release by: Deputy Chief John A. Livingood