Bicycle safety

As the weather gets nicer the numbers of bicyclists using the road will begin to increase. Here are a few bicycle safety tips riders should abide by:

  1. If you are under 12 years of age you are required to
    wear a helmet.
  2. Bicyclists must obey all rules of the road.
  3. Bicyclists must ride with the flow of traffic.
  4. Only one rider may be on bicycle at one time unless it is equipped for multiple riders.
  5. Shall not ride more than two abreast.
  6. Shall not carry any package that prohibits one hand being placed on the handle bars.
  7. When riding between sunset and sundown must have a white light visible from the front for at least 500 feet and a red reflector visible from the rear for at least 500 feet.
  8. If operated on the sidewalk must give right-of-way to pedestrians.
  9. Bicyclists are prohibited from riding on sidewalks in business districts.

Bicyclists in violation can be cited with a $10.00 fine plus court costs.

Remember to ride safely. Thank you from the Abington Township Police Department.