Bear Sighting in Abington Township

At approximately 3:00 PM today, Abington Police received a report of a bear sighting in the area of Pine and Shady Lane. The location is in the area where Abington Township, The Borough of Rockledge, and the City a Philadelphia all meet.

Officers responded to the scene and observed the bear, which is described as a “small black bear, weighing less than 150 pounds.” A Wildlife Conservation Officer from Montgomery County responded to the area and attempted to tranquilize the bear. However, the bear escaped from the immediate area before it could be captured. The bear “poses no danger to the community, as long as the bear is not approached” according to a Wildlife Conservation Officer for Montgomery County. A humane “box trap” has been put out to attempt to capture the bear.

According to reports, Philadelphia Police Department had received reports of a bear over this last weekend in the area of Philadelphia adjacent to this location.
Police and Conservation Officers will be in the area in an attempt to capture the bear.

Residents in the immediate area are encouraged to use appropriate precautions, and to call 9-1-1 if they see the bear.