Attempted Burglary – Arrest

Case 15-100462

Abington Township Police Department

Lower Moreland Police Department

On March 21, 2015 at approximately 8:27 PM, an Abington Police Officer assigned to a plain
clothes, anti-crime detail, observed a white Buick SUV which appeared to be occupied by only the
driver in the 600 block of Moredon Road in Abington Township. This was in the immediate area
of two recent residential burglaries. The Officer began to follow the vehicle and was joined by
other Abington Officers who were on the same assignment. The vehicle was driving in a
suspicious manner, driving slowly into a cul-de-sac street and back out onto Moredon Road. The
vehicle entered Lower Moreland Township and stopped in front of a home in the 2600 block of
Bonnie Lane, Lower Moreland Township which was in complete darkness with no cars in the
driveway. As the Officers surreptitiously watched the vehicle, one male got out of the passenger
side and walked up to the side of this house. The male returned to the Buick and it pulled two
doors away to another house that was in complete darkness with no cars in the driveway. The
Buick stopped and turned its lights off. The male again got out of the passenger side of the
vehicle and walked up to the side of the house. The male was hidden in the darkness but the
Officers observed him peering into a window of the home. The male was around the outside of
the home for about two minutes before returning to the Buick which drove away after he got into
it. The Buick then drove onto Sunflower Way, another “No Outlet” residential Lower Moreland
Road. After driving slowly around this road the Buick started to leave the area. Lower Moreland
Officers stopped the Buick which was operated by 43 year old Brian BOSKET of Philadelphia.
The passenger, 49 year old Stephen Rodney WHITE, also of Philadelphia, was laying completely
down in the seat so it appeared only one person was in the car. There were items in plain view in
the car which Officers recognized as items used in burglaries. Both were taken into custody and
charged with criminal conspiracy to commit burglary, criminal conspiracy and loitering and
prowling at night (WHITE only). Additional charges are pending the results of several search
warrants which were served. Both WHITE and BOSKET were arraigned and are being held in
lieu of $100,000 cash bail.
Note: The charges against WHITE and BOSKET are allegations only and
have not yet been proven in a court of law.

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