Armed Robbery: 7-11 Store, 2869 Limekiln Pk., North Hills

May 24, 2016
Case 16-021185

Armed Robbery – 7-11 Store, 2869 Limekiln Pike, North Hills
At approximately 10:51 PM on Monday, May 23, 2016, a 53 year old male employee was in the
store cleaning the hot food section which is next to the registers. A subject described as a black
male with a dark complexion, approximately 5’ 9” tall, with a small, thin mustache and long,
black dreadlocks, drew the employee’s attention. The employee saw that the suspect was
pointing what appeared to be a black, semi-automatic hand gun with a long barrel at the
employee. The suspect said: “Open!” The employee then opened the register and gave the
suspect an undisclosed amount of money. The suspect then ran out the front door and was last
seen on foot. A K-9 search tracked from the store and North on Cricket Avenue. In the 400
block of Cricket Avenue the black dreadlocks wig and the long sleeved shirt the suspect was
wearing were located.
There were three other customers in the 7-11 Store at the time but none of them realized that the
robbery was occurring and only one of them recalled seeing the subject at all. There were no
injuries and no shots were fired. Anyone with information about this case is asked to call APD at
267-536-1100 – Option #3. In an emergency always dial 9-1-1.


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Approved for Release by:
Deputy Chief John A. Livingood