APD Giving Good Job Awards to Kids

Abington Police Giving Good Job Awards for Kids

Good Job Award

If you see an Abington Police Officer talking with your children, don’t assume they have done something wrong. In fact, it might be just the opposite. The Abington Police are actively looking for kids who are doing a good job, and they have a Good Job Award to present to them. Running now through September 30, kids will receive a Rita’s certificate for a free kid-sized water ice whenever an officer spots a young person being a good citizen.

Officers are now keeping an extra eye out for kids complying with the law, such as wearing a bike helmet or riding on the right side of the street, as well as doing good deeds, such as assisting another person with a task or helping younger children cross a street safely.

Good Job Award certificates will be valid either at Rita’s Abington and Glenside locations or in Rockledge

This program was suggested by Lt. Kelley Warner who notes, “Often our officers wave to children as they are driving through the neighborhoods they patrol, but now they have a special opportunity to get out of their cars and talk with kids.”

Lt. Warner adds that as kids and cops interact in positive ways, a greater comfort level is built between the officers and the community they serve. “We want the children and adults alike to see us as a natural part of their community and not think we are always there because of a problem.”

Abington officers hope that parents will remind their children about ways they can be good citizens as they look forward to presenting lots of Good Job Awards.