Abington Township Police Department Announces America Strong and United Campaign

Each day police officers, firefighters, emergency medics, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, grocery and food service workers, and countless others continue to serve while putting their personal health, and health of their families at risk.  Tragically, first responders around the country have already lost their lives to this terrible pandemic.  We mourn their loss, as well as the loss of thousands of other medical personnel, grocery workers and countless other essential workers.  First responders traditionally wear black bands across their badges as a symbol of mourning for a fallen partner.

The America Strong and United campaign recognizes essential workers serving tirelessly in their own communities and in communities across the country.  The campaign is intended to inspire hope and unity whenever an essential worker is seen wearing the America Strong and United badge band or ribbon as a way to recognize and thank those who are keeping our communities safe, united and functioning and to honor and remember those we have already lost.

Effective May 7, 2020 Abington Township Police Officers will wear the America Strong and United badge ribbons.  The three colors symbolize the sacrifice of essential workers.  Blue to represent police officers, healthcare professionals, park rangers and other safety and enforcement professionals.  Red to represent firefighters, emergency medical personnel and others in the first responder life-safety fields.  White to represent grocery and food service workers, social service providers and volunteers and other essential workers.  Together, the red, white, and blue America Strong and United badge bands and ribbons represent all those who continue to serve their communities.