Abington Township Crime Pattern Alert- Thefts from Unlocked Automobiles

Since June 12, 2017 there have been 22 reported thefts from vehicles in Abington Township. Although these thefts have occurred throughout the township, the vast majority have happened on the east side of Abington, in the Huntingdon Valley, Rydal, and Jenkintown neighborhoods. The thieves are targeting unlocked vehicles parked both in the street and in driveways, and have been primarily stealing cash and loose change. All of the thefts have occurred during the overnight hours.

Locking your car at night and keeping valuables out of view will deter these criminals. One witness observed the suspect trying to open car doors, and passing by the cars that were locked. The Abington Police Department is requesting that anyone observing suspicious behavior in their neighborhood immediately call 9-1-1.

Approved for Release by: Lt. Steven Fink