A Warning To Parents About Candy and Baked Goods Laced with Marijuana

The Abington Township Police Department is issuing a warning to parents after they found packages of candy, cereal and an assortment of baked goods laced with marijuana during a routine traffic stop. According to Abington Police Chief Pat Molloy, officers found over 100 packaged edible candies and other baked goods laced with marijuana in a vehicle they pulled over on a routine traffic stop.  While we understand that the laws restricting marijuana use are constantly evolving, and many believe that it is not dangerous, the emergence of edible treats presents a unique danger. “We are warning parents because these candies and baked goods are packaged to simply look like a candy treats, and this is troubling since it has the potential to attract an unsuspecting child,” he said. The items were individually wrapped and appeared to be normal cookies, brownies and other snacks. “The real danger with drugs packaged in this manner is that innocent children might ingest them, believing that they are just a sweet treat,” said Chief Molloy. “Additionally there have been instances of people overdosing from ingesting drugs in this manner, since the effect of these laced treats typically take longer.” Parents and guardians should remain vigilant and contact police if they believe their child is in possession of marijuana candy and immediately seek medical assistance if they have ingested it. For questions please contact Sergeant Gillispie at rgillispie@abington.org.