A Message from the Abington Township Police Department

Dear residents,

We understand the fear and frustration that so many of you are feeling regarding the rioting and looting that has occurred in our country and nearby jurisdictions. We deeply regret that there are agitators who are determined to exploit the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd by destroying property and committing acts of violence. We want to assure you that the safety and welfare of all of our citizens in Abington Township is our primary focus. Department members have been monitoring and assessing intelligence information related to possible unrest daily. Abington officers as well as officers throughout our region are well trained and prepared to respond to situations like this. As a result of what has been occurring in nearby jurisdictions over the last several days, Abington Township Police Department personnel have been working diligently with our partners throughout the county to ensure that we have adequate personnel and resources to protect all of our residents and businesses.  To receive the latest information, please monitor our website and social media sites – Facebook, Twitter and Nextdoor regularly.